Setting Sail into the Clouds: A Tabyltop and Sky Zephyrs Partnership

As a founder of Tabyltop, my primary motivation has always been to create a platform that not only enriches the online role-playing experience but also breaks new grounds in virtual tabletop RPGs. Today, I am incredibly excited to talk about an upcoming collaboration that perfectly captures this spirit of innovation: our partnership with HOMIEandTheDUDE (HaTD) and their fascinating D&D supplement, Sky Zephyrs.

Sky Zephyrs is a breath of fresh air, quite literally, as it brings to the fore an entirely new aspect of the beloved D&D 5e universe – airship combat. Now, those of you who have delved deep into the official 5e rules will know the rules concerning vehicular combat are, let’s say, a bit sparse – spacious enough, I’d venture, to comfortably sail an airship through. Enter Sky Zephyrs, with a creative and comprehensive ruleset that fills these gaps and paves the way for thrilling aerial adventures.

The genius of Sky Zephyrs lies in its versatility. Not only does it offer ample content for ready-to-play, airship-based escapades, but it also creates a flexible framework for designing custom air vehicles. The thought of my players getting the opportunity to customize, upgrade, and pilot their own airship has me counting down the days till our next session.

Collaborating with Tom and Bodhi, the creative minds behind HaTD, has been nothing short of a pleasure. Their vision and passion for creating memorable gaming experiences align with our mission at Tabyltop. This collaboration isn’t just a business partnership; it’s a shared endeavor by enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries of tabletop role-playing games.

Now, onto why Tabyltop and Sky Zephyrs are such a great match. The nature of airship combat means a lot of moving pieces, and with Tabyltop’s unique map-linking capabilities, navigating between regional and local airspace maps, or between the decks of your airship, becomes a seamless experience. I believe no other VTT can handle airship-to-airship combat with boarding parties as deftly as Tabyltop.

Sky Zephyrs Multi-Deck Maps in Tabyltop

Moreover, we’re thrilled to be adding the Sky Zephyrs art assets, including their Sky Maps and Airship Tokens, into Tabyltop. These visual resources will be unlocked for Sky Zephyrs Kickstarter backers, expanding the horizons of your game with beautiful, interactive content. The Sky Zephyrs rules content and stat blocks will also be accessible within the Tabyltop interface, putting the rules and rolls right where you need them.

In the spirit of this partnership, we’re also exploring direct integration with the Sky Zephyrs ship builder app for easy import of stat blocks. It’s all about creating a smoother, richer, more immersive gaming experience for you, the players and DMs who breathe life into these games.

To honor this collaboration, we’re offering significant discounts on Tabyltop to Sky Zephyrs Kickstarter backers. And when Tabyltop launches its own Kickstarter campaign later this year, our backers will have the exciting opportunity to access the incredible Sky Zephyrs content.

I genuinely believe that the combination of Tabyltop’s technology and Sky Zephyrs’ creativity will enhance and deepen our role-playing experiences. The possibilities that this partnership brings to your gaming table are, quite fittingly, sky-high. As we continue to innovate and explore these exciting new horizons, I look forward to seeing the thrilling adventures you’ll embark on with us. Let’s get those airships ready for liftoff!

Justin Morgenthau
Founder, Tabyltop